Vaporwave Mandala - Athleisure Fashion and Fabrics

 I'm so excited to be able to share some news about my Etsy store! I've now opened another store on Etsy that will allow me to sell fabric panels in the same retro and Harajuku designs as the athleisure I have been selling on . My new Etsy store is called Pancake Patterns and can be found at Not only that, but I have collated a number of designs together on my Etsy shop to be able to make more sense of each collection. Here are some of the groupings I have made. Vaporwave Mandala The fabric for this graphic can be found on my Pancake Patterns Etsy store, but you can also find some of the athleisure products themselves on my BillingtonPix Etsy store. Take a look at these wonderful athleisure products which I have grouped together here : Vaporwave Mandala Underboob Crop Top This underboob crop top is one of my newest products altogether. There are only a few of these athleisure pieces on my Etsy store, but they are fast becoming on

Flash Sale with 25% Off Meggings on my Etsy Store!

Grab 25% off your favourite Leggings for Men in our Flash Sale Excited to announce a whopping 25% discount in my Flash Sale on . This sale is for men's leggings only on all styles. If you are a fan of mens fashion then you might already own one or several pairs of meggings. At BillingtonPix I am keen that colour and quirky feature heavily in my designs. Whether you wear your leggings as festival meggings or as running tights you can be assured of wearing something unique. Patterns are usually in a retro or quirky style, such as Mid Century Modern, 80s Memphis style, 90s Vaporwave aesthetic or more contemporary such as Harajuku, including Pastel Goth and Yami Kawaii. You can find out more about my love of 90s Vaporwave design and Japanese Harajuku style by reading this blog post . I am particularly proud of my Harajuku clothing range. We also sell other athleisure items such as leggings for women, unisex sweatshirts and hoodies. With Harajuku I am able to expr

A Celebration of Nostalgia with Vaporwave and 80s Memphis

Welcome to my world of the Vaporwave illusion  I wanted to let you all know that there is a ton of really cool Vaporwave and Yami Kawaii clothing on my Etsy store: . But also I want to make sure that I explain at least in a few words what is Vaporwave and how it has helped me to build out my design aesthetic. I've always been the one who refuses to follow the trend. Whenever there is a new bestseller on the Amazon book list I will remain sceptical that is perhaps just because of good marketing. I actually prefer the classics when it comes to literature, which have been filtered out over time. When it comes to contemporary design, however, I am a little more adventurous. There will always be the design classics, such as Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Impressionism or Arts & Crafts. I've spent a lot of time immersing myself into MCM. For all the right reasons, I feel secure in its formulaic constraints. On my website I have written qui

Another day another idea

 I always try to achieve at least one thing in the day. However small. However defeated I might be from previous days experiences in promoting my website. All I can do is progress. That might be writing a blog, it might be creating some BillingtonPix vintage style designs , it might be posting to BillingtonPix RedBubble designs and patterns . Whatever it is the only way to progress is to progress. One step at a time.  Break down the huge milestones into smaller achievable chunks. For example I am currently pushing out all my BillingtonPix London vintage style t-shirts to Ebay. I spent the past week adding them to my website, then building a landing page to promote them. Now I am trying to get them to Ebay where they will enjoy the most traffic. But that is so much hard work in terms of categorisation and waiting for the pages to update. It just takes forever. I also have a background task to ensure that they are all indexed on Google and that all my SEO strategies are working. Sometim

Three Mid-Century Modern Graphic Designers You Need to Know About

Here are 3 incredible midcentury modern designers that made a significant impact to design in the mid-20th century. They influence me in my own work at BillingtonPix with their idealism about great design, with the honesty of clear communication that was a clear break away from earlier design. 1. Paul Rand Paul Rand is best known for his corporate logos, such as for IBM and NeXT, but his earlier work comprised of magazine and book covers. His genius was in reducing the ethos of a company down to a single logo that clearly communicated its message, by stripping away all the non-essentials to deliver an un-sentimental design that you could trust. You can read my blog about his work . 2. Saul Bass Saul Bass dedicated his life to creating beautiful movie posters and movie opening sequences, such as for Psycho, North by Northwest, Goodfellas and Casino. His style is quintessentially mid-century and you can still see it being used today. Like Paul Rand, Bass was able to reduce the meaning

Contemporary Retro Aesthetic T-Shirts

I'm pleased to present my full collection of contemporary retro style t-shirts, for sale online from my store. These include Mid-Century Modern abstract pattern designs, 80s Memphis and urban photographic themes. These designs are all inspired from my urban surroundings in Southwark, London. I love urban and I love retro, so these designs and photography is the perfect mix for me. Here is my t-shirts catalog from my Pinterest page . For all streetwear fans, here are some new designs that have just gone up on my store. All are urban retro aesthetic themed. This includes tees, phone cases and dad caps. I'm constantly updating the collection so keep checking back if you don't see what you like at first. For further ideas check out our  BillingtonPix Pinterest Shop . This contains a complete feed of all our products from  as well as a collation of pins from my  shop, my  BillingtonPix Zazzle store , my  BillingtonPix TeePublic sho

What is Mid-Century Modern design?

What is the style that came out of Bauhaus and the Post War period, lasting until the mid 60s? That is Mid-Century Modern (MCM), a term coined in 1984 by an American collector of 50s furniture. I've written a blog post about this incredible design period, looking at homewares (furniture) designers such as Eames and Alvar Aalto  and graphic design with artists such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass. I also make a quick look at Atomic Style and how that is closely aligned to Mid Century Modern. The optimism coming out of the Bauhaus, using new Post War technologies, such as plastic molding, and industrial materials such as steel, together with more organic woods and leathers allowed this movement to look forward, whilst still holding on to its past heritage. For further ideas check out our  BillingtonPix Pinterest Shop . This contains a complete feed of all our products from  as well as a collation of pins from my  shop, my  BillingtonPix Zaz